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Workshop Reviews

Comments from class and workshop participants:

“In our current climate, we cannot rely on company pensions and social security to be there when we retire. However, like most young people, I’ve been intimidated and overwhelmed by the thought of managing my own retirement. Learning how to manage my own investments was a critical skill that I needed to get—but where? I read books, attended seminars and ended up right back where I started—a retirement portfolio in need of serious help! When I took Mary Ellen’s class, I realized that I could get a handle on my situation and really play an active role in making my money work for me.” — Michael, Brookline, MA

“Thank you for sending the form to me. I had a lot of fun going through that exercise with you. I found the whole process is very interesting and helpful. Now I definitely have a better idea of the whole picture of our portfolio. I can't wait for our next class to learn more about how I can use my broker’s site to rebalance my portfolio.” — Anita, Boston, MA

“Thank you so much for the great workshop you presented at [our company's women's networking group]. Your workshop was the most informative training I've ever had for mutual funds and the materials were excellent. I especially wanted to thank you for the handouts—it was great to know that all the slides could be referred to later, which meant I could concentrate on listening and taking notes about what you said, not trying to capture all that information. Also, we got to take all the exercise materials with us. This was one of the best workshops on investments I've ever attended. I can't wait to spread the word about you and your website with my friends! Thanks again!” — Ruth, Wellsley, MA

“This class is worth its weight in gold. Mary Ellen is a delightful, knowledgeable and really interesting teacher. I expected to learn and I learned more than I expected—and had so much fun in the process. Thank you!”

“Best adult education course I ever took. Very enjoyable and informative. The teacher’s preparation and handouts were excellent and the amount of information and practical exercises that we participated in gave us a substantial understanding of this very complicated area.”

“Each session, the demonstrations first and hands-on applications following was a perfect balance, giving [me] confidence in the step-by-step process of using research tools and investing.”

“I went in knowing nothing and left with a true interest and a basic understanding. I really appreciated how basic it was. Most financial courses assume too much. Great program.”

“Mary Ellen was very knowlegeable and receptive to questions. She really encouraged us all to try investing on our own.”

“The presentation was accessible for the nonspecialist without being condescending.”

“In a short time [The ABCs of Investing] course opened my eyes to so much.”

“Really relevant information, clearly presented. A great introductory course.”

“She's amazing—always organized and so helpful!”

“A top-notch instructor.”

“Lots of info—theory, practice, handouts were great, instructor passionate and well-versed in the topic.”

“I would highly recommend [The ABCs of Investing] to others!”