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Our Vision and Our Ethical Commitment to You

Our mission is to help you earn your fair share of the world market return. In the long run, no one can guarantee you more, but you should not settle for less. We are committed to building a business that is ethical, client-centered and responsible in the truest sense of the word. We, as savers and investors (rather than just consumers), have the capacity to help build resources, provide the capital for global growth and do great good for ourselves, our families, our world, and for those who come after us. We believe that all of us have a responsibility to manage our money effectively because we are stewards and fiduciaries for the next generation.

At Responsible Investing we do not accept commissions or any other form of remuneration for selling mutual funds, stocks, or insurance products, or for describing or providing information on a particular brokerage service or product. The money we earn is based strictly on the educational services and materials we provide for you, and as such is unbiased by conflicts of interest. We will fully disclose to you any funds or stocks that we own personally and will tell you whether or not we have personal experience with particular brokerage or insurance firms. Financial coaching is not a replacement for brokerage, financial planning or investment advisory services—rather it enables you to work with brokers and other financial services professionals more confidently and effectively. Read our Coaching Agreement.