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Why Financial Coaching is Your Best Investment

There have been many studies of elite performers— international violinists, chess grand masters, professional ice skaters, mathematicians, and so forth—and the biggest difference researchers find between them and lesser performers is the cumulative amount of deliberate practice they’ve had. Indeed the most important talent may be the talent for practice itself.

Atul Gawande, MD
Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science

The Financial Services industry is among the most profitable in the world. It makes its easy money by encouraging you to be passive and dependent, unaware of excess fees and less costly competing products.

In contrast, surveys of self-made millionaires show that most make their own decisions on mutual fund and stock selection, and all are acutely aware of costs. And the decisions they make are typically patiently researched and very well thought out. The Millionaire Next Door often starts with only a modest salary, but he or she is a prodigious saver and a highly educated investor who takes the time to understand and control the family finances as astutely as any industry CFO.

Self-made millionaires spend an average of 10 hours per month studying and managing their money—they often work with financial planners, advisors and money managers, but they educate themselves so that they know how to ask the right questions and understand the advice they are getting.

Financial coaching is the fun and affordable way to build these essential money management skills. Financial coaching from Responsible Investing will set you on the road to a lifetime of effective wealth-building. Most clients find that financial coaching more than pays for itself within the first year through cost savings and improved investment returns.

At Responsible Investing, we are passionate about investor education. We believe that no one can manage your money as effectively as you, because you are the one who cares the most about your financial future. Read more….