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Best of the Web: Cash is King

June 2009

Bond Certificate

Charlie Stroller heads the parent company of Financial Advisor Magazine and is a self-avowed penny pincher. His regular column in FA Magazine, “Cheap Tricks,” is full of great ways to save and make money. He recently highlighted a nearly no-brainer credit card deal: the cash back card.

If you are disciplined about paying your credit card balance in full and on time, and if you regularly run most of your day-to-day expenses through your credit card, you should switch to a cash-back card. Stroller highlights deals from Amex and Chase, but many other credit card issuers are offering similar cards. Some send you a regular check, others give you a credit you can use against purchases, some even deposit cash directly into your bank or brokerage account.

Consumer Reports has helpful tips for analyzing which deals are best for you. Bankrate.com posts an excellent survey of cash back cards, including hidden traps to be wary of and provides a search engine that can help you compare deals from different issuers.

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