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Index Fund Investing

Coaching at the Computer

Four Wednesdays, starting August 11, 2010
6:30–8:30 p.m.
Responsible Investing
Brookline, MA
Price: $150
Limited to six attendees
Call 617-277-6107 to register by phone or
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Tired of paying money managers thousands to lose your money? Looking for easy, low-cost, tax-efficient ways to manage, streamline and diversify your investments? Exchange-traded funds are powerful investment vehicles that can lower your management costs, open new investment opportunities, make your life easier and help you reduce your tax burden. Whether as buy-and-hold investments or trading vehicles, ETFs can play useful roles in virtually every portfolio—but with over 800 new funds out there, how do you know which ones are sound investments and which are potentially dangerous money-wasting Wall Street fads? Led by a veteran analyst and advisor with 25 years of financial industry experience, this hands-on, intensive workshop takes you through the basics and beyond. You will build model portfolios, develop tactical strategies, and study prospectuses and other SEC filings for ETFs in every major investment category. You’ll come out with a solid working knowledge and a list of the best ETF choices and the ones to avoid.

Week One: Covers basic concepts such as how ETFs work; how to buy and sell ETFs; the pros and cons of ETFs versus conventional open-ended mutual funds; index basics. Plus we will review top ETFs providing exposure to large US companies.

Week Two: Small US company ETFs and international company ETFs. We will also discuss the merits of active management in some asset subsectors.

Week Three: Bond and “balanced” ETFs. Using ETFs as an alternative to money funds. When to chose an active bond fund. The advantages and disadvantages of individual bonds versus bond funds.

Week Four: Speculative ETFs, including industry and country ETFs, commodity ETFs, short/ultrashort ETFs and currency ETFs. Tracking speculative ETF positions, including charting basics.