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Press Articles

December 2009

Marcia Duffy interviews Mary Ellen McCarthy for Bankrate on the pros and cons of cash-out mortgage refinancing.

September 2009

Should you tap your retirement savings after a stock market decline? Mary Ellen McCarthy comments on how to decide in this analysis of a recent Bankrate survey.

August 2009

Bankrate's Shayna Steiner talks with Mary Ellen McCarthy about retirement account mistakes and the problems of target date funds.

March 2009

Overspending can be an addiction, and some techniques that help other kinds of addicts can help curb the urge to spend. Associated Press writer Shaila Dani quotes Responsible Investing's Mary Ellen McCarthy on coping with the craving to buy.

February 2009

What's your money personality? Shaila Dani interviews Mary Ellen McCarthy for Associated Press on how personality and upbringing affect spending patterns. (PDF on money personalities)