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Mary Ellen McCarthy, Ph.D., has been an investor and industry analyst since 1985. She was a top-ranked financial analyst for Merrill Lynch Asset Management and Shearson Lehman Brothers, and helped develop the Multex/Reuters Wall Street research web site. She is the founder and principal of Responsible Investing, a Brookline-based financial coaching and investment advisory firm, registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She has lectured and run workshops on effective money management at a variety of regional venues, including Brookline Adult and Community Education, Healthworks Fitness for Women, local investment clubs and corporate networking groups. Mary Ellen has passed the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination and holds an active Series 65 license. She is also currently enrolled in Kaplan University’s CFP™ Board-Registered program in professional financial planning to fulfill the educational requirements needed to qualify as a Certified Financial Planner™.

Mary Ellen combines common sense, deep experience, and the ability to demystify complex concepts with a true passion for investor education. Her experience as an investor and Wall Street insider have made her sensitive to the ways that the financial services industry sabotages effective wealth-building with trendy, high-cost products. But her 20 years of successful personal wealth-building have also convinced her of the tremendous opportunities that exist for those willing to learn basic money management skills. Mary Ellen is a master of online investing, which has revolutionized individual investing by providing an extraordinary array of information and powerful tools—once the exclusive domain of professional money managers, and now available to all for free or next to nothing.

Mary Ellen knows how to cut through the financial industry gobbledygook. She also knows how to make the investing process fun and interesting. Find out what students and clients are saying.

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