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Financial Skills Coaching Packages

Are you fascinated by a particular industry or new technology? Do you dream of finding the next Microsoft or Starbucks? Want to try your hand at overseas investing? Perhaps you’re great at buying, but not so good at knowing when to take profits. With Financial Skills Coaching you set the agenda—focusing on stocks, industries, or skills that interest you and fit your portfolio and investment style.

Most people who choose this track have had experience managing their own money and already have their financial house in good order. Typically, they already own a well-balanced, diversified portfolio of funds, stocks and bonds and track it regularly. They enjoy the research and money management process and would like to sharpen key skills or investigate individual stocks or funds with a master investment coach.

Here are just some of the ways successful investors use Financial Skills Coaching:

  • Master a particular investment skill, such as chart reading, portfolio rebalancing, or financial statement analysis
  • Research new investment ideas using a broad array of on-line and print research sources.
  • Really get to know a company in which you have a significant investment.
  • Develop a family budget and savings plan and master the art of staying on track.

Typically, you’ll meet with your coach on a weekly or biweekly basis. You’ll chart a course of study based on your needs and interests. Together you’ll evaluate company web sites, financial reports, charts and analyst opinions from a wide range of sources. Your coach is your sounding board and mentor, helping you gather and interpret data and master skills for a lifetime of successful investing.

Two Financial Skills Coaching Packages are available:

Option One: The Single Focus Package includes three coaching sessions backed by two hours of research and online support over one to two months. Fee: $450, payable in advance.

Option Two: The Master Investor’s Package includes six coaching sessions supported with four hours of research and online support from your coach over a one-quarter period. Fee: $900 per quarter, payable in advance.


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